Holy Jelly project

Marine plastics recycling startup

We believe in action and change as opposed to despair, even if it starts with small steps. We believe that getting back to sustainable use of the oceans can go hand-in-hand with improving living conditions of many local communities affected by marine plastic pollution. We also believe that the very thing that is abundant and considered a problem can also be regarded as resource.

Marine plastics account for 95% of the marine pollution and do not biodegrade, which means that millions of tons of it will float in the ocean for, basically, ever.

The marine plastic we use for our products will be collected through a number of local initiatives, which will provide income and cleaner environment for the local communities and highly recyclable resource.

Holy Jelly will design and manufacture sustainable construction materials and furniture out of marine plastics in a number of coastal and island locations and supply it as recycled regrind to manufacturers who use plastics and want to source sustainably.

Reach out to us at holyjellyproject@gmail.com, if you would like to partner with us or want our project to happen in your community.